Swing Dance Events in London

Swing Dance Events in London

Swing Dance Events in LondonSwing Dance Events in LondonSwing Dance Events in London

Promoting swing events in London and beyond...

Sharing my passion with you by curating a list of swing dance classes and socials in London. Festivals are not currently safe due to Coronavirus.

Read the guides on etiquette and watch videos of good dancers. It'll help you to improve.

Pure Balboa addict since Herräng 2014 and data solutions professional.

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Google Calendar for better views, searching, links to maps, printing and adding your own calendar!

If you are interested in or going to an event, do click through to Facebook and let the organiser know, so they can get a feel for the numbers coming.

Facebook is providing the list so it is up-to-date. Invite me to any Facebook event not listed already - let's make this really good!

NOTE: Dates and times are UK local.

No upcoming events.

SEARCHING: "Print" -> tick "Print descriptions" checkbox -> (change date range?) -> click "Save as..." button -> open downloaded PDF file -> CTRL-F(or magnifying glass on phone) -> type your search phase e.g. "balboa"


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