Swing Dance Events in London

Swing Dance Events in London

Swing Dance Events in LondonSwing Dance Events in LondonSwing Dance Events in London

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Two monkeys sword-fighting

Musings by the learned Mr White

 A quick note on floorcraft (by Bobby White on SwungOver 16/2/2010)

At two recent events, I went to some dances that were packed, and thinking I’d try to show some students a good time, I made the horrible mistake of asking them to dance. I just as well could have asked someone to join me in getting kicked in the soft part of the ankle for three minutes. Read full article...

Swing 101 — Etiquette & Floorcraft (by Bobby White on Swungover, 23/11/2013)

This is episode 2 of Swing 101, a series geared towards beginner dancers. Special guest editor Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Read full article...

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Swing Dance History

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* Swungover

1. (adj) The mental and physical results of binge Jitterbugging.

2. (n) A blog of random swing thoughts by Bobby White.

From This Week In Swing NYC

Eileen’s Lindy Blog is a calendar of swing dance events in the NYC area and those easily accessible to NYC.

From Mandi's Lindy Hop Blog

"Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life." ~Art Blakey

From Lindy Shopper

What should I wear to the dance tonight?