Swing Dance Events in London

Swing Dance Events in London

Swing Dance Events in LondonSwing Dance Events in LondonSwing Dance Events in London

Coronavirus and Social Dancing

With the escalating situation regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and the fact that the UK government is advising travellers coming back from Italy, Iran and China self-isolate, it would be imprudent for me not to issue this statement regarding my Purely Balboa social dance events:

If you have yourself, or are aware of anyone planning to come that has recently returned from or has been in close contact with such people, please would you defer/ask them to defer, coming to my events until we are past this horrible situation. As you know, social dancing is an amazingly efficient way of spreading contractible disease and so we must not be complacent about the risks. International dance festivals have a real problem on their hands and I have been in conversation with 2 that I am booked for within the next couple of months . I have made the decision not to travel to Tuscany, for example.

For my part, there will be hand sanitiser on each of the 12 tables and I would ask you to use it between dances. Listerine mouth wash is an excellent way to kill any unwanted oral microbes and I shall leave that one to you although small bottles will be available on the front table for free. I am not advocating kissing by the way but just trying to minimise the risks of airbourne droplets in breath.

Let's carry on social dancing, but be mindful of the risks and focus on local events, for now.