Swing Dance Events in London

Swing Dance Events in London

Swing Dance Events in LondonSwing Dance Events in LondonSwing Dance Events in London
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Festivals are places to immerse yourself in dance and learn from the best teachers in the world. You also get the chance to make make new far away friends, let your hair down and find out how they dance in them there other countries.

I've included workshops that span 2 or more days because you may be willing to travel.

See them in my Google Calendar for more flexible views, links to Google Maps, "Print->save as" for a PDF list and "Save To" your own calendar!

Most of these events are linked live to Facebook so they are bang up-to-date and you can click directly through to the FB Event page. Don't forget to indicate to the organisers whether you are merely interested or a definate. Invite me to any Facebook event not listed already - let's make this really good!

NOTE: Dates and times are shown in UK local time.

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